Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A rock pool at Trebarwith Strand

A view from the walk between Port Isaac and Trebarwith Strand.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hi All,

Are you Freecycling yet?

I have come to wonder, just as I did about the Filofax, then the Internet, how the world went round before Freecycling!

It is a fantastic way to move on Stuff which you might consider taking to the tip but which is really too good for it. We have sent beds, bedlinen, garden machinery and many other items off to new homes. The only rule is that all items are free. You can list things you want to shift and also ask for things you need. As it is rapidly taking off, you will get lots of emails if you join, but these can be fun, or you can request one list only per day, although you may then miss out on things, as items worth having go fast.

To find Freecycle, search Freecycle and then seek the UK link and then your local area. You can join several, if, eg like us, you are in a rural area. You will need to sign up to Yahoo.

Have fun and help keep things out of landfill.

The weather here is very variable at present - one day sunny, warm and bringing the birds out to consider nest sites, the next, wet, windy and cold.

We managed to find a gorgeous day last week to walk the coastal path from Port Isaac to Trebarwith and home. It was fantastic, a wonderful, scenic and strenuous walk. There were even more ups and downs than we expected, and we expected several! First spotting Michael House from afar was wonderful, and it was a very satisying thing to have done, having said we would since we arrived, three years ago! Hopefully it will inspire us to do lots of other long walks.

best wishes,