Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pinky Murphys Cafe, Fowey.

I have to tell you about this cafe. It is wonderful. It is different, quirky, a one off. We visited today when on a visit to Fowey on a wet Tuesday at the beginning of March. It was pleasantly busy, it has comfy chairs, wonderful food, originally presented, great atmosphere, something different to look at in all directions, books to read, puzzles to do, perfect. And great for vegetarians. We had a vegetarian platter. And it was just that. It came on a wooden platter, with a selection of dips and sauces and fresh bread and delicious salad. It was magical. We went back for tea and that was fantastic too, again beautifully presented, I won't say more or it will spoil the surprises if you get there. I think it was well used by local people, always a good sign, but we did not feel like intruders. And it is friendly, arty, there is great music playing, and there is a full size sculpture of a man relaxing outside to see in the summer! I hope to go back, soon!

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soaplady said...

fab!cannot think why i didn't know about it!