Sunday, January 03, 2010

Vegan meals out

we have had several meals out recently, at local (ish)pubs. We have told them ahead that we are vegan, and the following pubs have really done well:

The Rising Sun at Altarnun, excellent meal there today, this has to be the best meal of all we have had, and no fussing about what we could eat, automatic separate vegetables, even a dessert that was not just a fruit salad!

the Maltsters at Chapel Amble, carefully arranged, good food

the pub at St. Teath, whose name escapes me just now! Excellent pre-Christmas meal with chestnutty and aubergine thingy.

Not so good have been the following two comments from places who shall remain nameless:

Asked if any cakes were suitable for vegans in a cafe we love, a while ago - 'no, they all contain chocolate'. Eh? They didn't, aside from the irrelevancy of that comment!

Asked if the soup was suitable for vegans, the kindly guy in a very busy cafeteria style place we like in central Cornwall (which I shall be contacting with a bit of info) went and checked with the chef and came back and told us - 'no, the only thing suitable for vegans today is the Cajun chicken salad'!