Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ted the cat wants to share a Christmas message:

'Krist-mouse is rubbish in a vejitariern gest howse. ther is no terki, befe or enithing yummi. it is kwite miseraborl. i get boring old kat fude as ewesuall, or go and get mi owne in the garden. a mowse, robin, nuthing fansi. if enyone has enything nice, plese bring it heer. i hav bene pleding for meni yers, to no efekt, but this may hav a bigga ordience. Thank yu. hope yu hav a happi kristmus at least. luv Ted.'

We have been enjoying cold, clear weather the past few days. Above are a couple of photos of Trebarwith Strand, taken on 22nd Dec. The sand has been washed out a little way, more rocks than usual are exposed. If there appear to be people in the sea, that is because there are! I promise I did not take the pictures in August!

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.