Tuesday, July 05, 2011


We are full until Friday 8th July, when we have one room available for the weekend.  From Monday 11th July, we have plenty of availability until 21st July, so, if you are thinking of a break in this area, give us a ring or email.
Hope to see you soon!
Blackcurrant sorbet

states it serves four - actually I made half, and it will serve six, with Swedish glace, and fruits from the garden!

225ml water

225g sugar

900g blackcurrants, fresh or thawed from frozen

2 tbs orange juice, eg juice of one orange

heat water to boiling, dissolve sugar, keep on heat for 2 mins., remove to cool. Whizz up the currants in a blender/food processor and sieve. Mix with orange juice and sugar syrup. Place in freezer proof container, in freezer, two or more hours, then whizz up again, and re-freeze until needed. Om nom nom.