Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pudding week!

Last week somehow focused on puddings - rhubarb crumble with coconut, banoffee pie the next night, then bread and butter pudding, then bread and butter pudding again by request, then very chocolatey chocolate pecan brownies! Oh, and meringues with fruit, not forgetting chocolate sorbet...

I must sing the praises of Riverford Organics, they are just fantastic. Quality fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, yogurt and other non-perishables such as marmalade and some drinks arrive reliably every week, via the friendly local franchisee. As well as the vegetable and fruit boxes, Riverford offer many other items for sale, and you can just have these. During the summer when the garden is providing plentiful vegetables, we will cancel the veggie box. The website is superbly laid out, it is very simple to use, changing the order is a doddle. I also appreciate the manner in which the cooperative has managed to grow and become a successful large organisation, whilst maintaining the involvement of the customer via weekly newsletters and information, recipes and genuine questions to customers about dilemmas as they arise.

Being forced to use less familiar vegetables is fun when they turn up in the box, such as discovering Jeruasalem artichokes and making a delicious soup with carrots with them. It challenges me and moves me outside my safety zone, which I relish. Chopping copious amounts of wet garlic into a salad, thinking it was spring onions, was perhaps less clever!

Don't forget our three for two offer - check out the website or previous blog entry for details.

Hope to see you soon.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Thinking of coming to north Cornwall this week or for Easter? We still have some availability, so give us a ring or email . The weather forecast is good for the week! Hope to see you soon. Vanessa