Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ted the cat wants to share a Christmas message:

'Krist-mouse is rubbish in a vejitariern gest howse. ther is no terki, befe or enithing yummi. it is kwite miseraborl. i get boring old kat fude as ewesuall, or go and get mi owne in the garden. a mowse, robin, nuthing fansi. if enyone has enything nice, plese bring it heer. i hav bene pleding for meni yers, to no efekt, but this may hav a bigga ordience. Thank yu. hope yu hav a happi kristmus at least. luv Ted.'

We have been enjoying cold, clear weather the past few days. Above are a couple of photos of Trebarwith Strand, taken on 22nd Dec. The sand has been washed out a little way, more rocks than usual are exposed. If there appear to be people in the sea, that is because there are! I promise I did not take the pictures in August!

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

That last entry seems a million years ago! It has been wet and windy as I suspect has all the country. But, then we've had a lovely day today - good visibility, sunny and almost warm.

We have visited several craft fairs this weekend, the best being at Pencarrow, a great old house near Bodmin. They put on a very professional craft fair each Christmas. The local ones were fun too, great atmosphere, interesting things for sale.

Next weekend, 2nd and 3rd December, we are holding a fair in the village hall here in Treknow. It should be fun, pop down if you are near. I will have my cards and kits for sale, and there will be wonderful stained glass, jams, turned wood and much more for sale.

We are now beginning to get bookings for 2007. Maybe see you then!

best wishes,


Monday, November 06, 2006


Can't believe this weather - have just had lunch outside and was too hot with a jumper on. People are still swimming in the sea without a wet suit - not me I confess! Perfect walking weather, fantastic visibility and not too windy.

We still have availability for Christmas, get in touch if you are interested. Four nights, full board on two of the days, great value at £275 per person.

Our winter rate started at the beginning of November, £27 per person per night, en-suite room and £22 for the standard room. Candle lit suppers come into their own at this time of year, and we have started lighting the fire in the sitting room in the evenings.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It is Tuesday 12th September, there is a beautiful moon half hidden behind clouds I can glimpse outside, and the stars were lovely earlier.

We have had some fantastic low tides - with accompanying extra high tides as well. At low tide the sea has been way out at Trebarwith, with a very flat sea. Great to swim in, but not ideal if you wish to surf.

The swallows have been gathering on the wires, preening before their long flight south. I always find it very poignant when they leave, a few have yet to go, it is certainly still very warm here.

Better go and put the bread on for breakfast now!

best wishes,


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hello to all.

I plan to use this blog to provide quick updates to the website and interesting, current and local information. Do feel free to add your comments and give feedback. Keep returning, as I intend to be posting on here quite often!

As the summer moves into autumn, I am beginning to think of the months ahead. We will be offering the same Christmas arrangements as last year, £275 per person for four nights, two days of which will be full board. As we were booked up for Christmas by August last year, I would suggest you ring or email for details soon if you are interested. 01840 770 592.

From November, our winter prices start once more, see the specials page of the website.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

best wishes,