Monday, March 30, 2009

A new place to fall in love with - The Dizzard

There are still so many new places to discover around this area. Yesterday, Simon and I visited The Dizzard. We have become interested in visiting places with special or ancient trees, and The Dizzard is home to a small woodland of ancient oaks and other trees, near the coast. It is only a few miles beyond Crackington Haven, where one of our very favourite cafes, The Haven, just happens to be!

After a delicious and simple lunch at The Haven, we parked in the hamlet of Dizzard, by a farm. From there, a farm track took us to this field. What a farm track. I sank to nearly the top of my wellies in mud at one point, and we have not had very wet weather recently! The woodlands are to the right of this picture, in the valley.

There were photo opportunities at every step. The trees in the part we visited are several metres tall, but apparently the ones nearer to the sea are far smaller, stunted by the wind and salt. We could not get past a swampy section, which Berri found irresistible, but which the rest of us found impassable.

The fungi and lichen are everywhere, testament to the pure air of the area.

The dogs had almost a better time than we did and are still exhausted after playing constantly whilst we were there.

This is Berri in a very muddy puddle

This is Berri after getting out of the puddle.
We sat on the grass on our way back to the car and listened. Peaceful, the sea in the distnce, chiff-chaffs, rooks, a thrush, blue tits, robins, and skylarks were all recognisable, and other bird song we did not know. I thought I saw a swallow at one point. But, it is very early, maybe I was wrong. A perfect, soft, warm, spring day.
We wended our weary way home, to wash the dogs in the bath, I have never seen them so muddy, and it wasn't just mud either, from the squidgy cow trodden track!
This is a place we hope to visit again and again, at different times of the year, possibly approaching it from the coast path to see a different aspect.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Don't forget to switch off your lights and electrical equipment this evening at 8.30 for one hour, for Earth Hour.

Of course, also do not forget to put your clocks forward one hour tonight...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coming weekend.

This coming weekend, March 21st and 22nd, we have some availability still. The weather forecast is looking good, why not get yourselves down to Cornwall for a few days! Give me a ring or email if you are intersted.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'During National Vegetarian Week, between Monday 18th May and Sunday 24th May, 2009, Michael House Vegetarian Guest House will be offering a special rate of £150 for two nights, for two people, bed breakfast and evening meals included, in our en-suite rooms, or £125 for our room with private bathroom. This is a saving of over £50.00. This cannot be taken with any other discounts. See the website,'

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today, the weather was just superb. Still, warm and sunny, what could be better for an early spring day?

This little barn thing is at Lerryn, near Lostwithiel.

We still have availability for Easter, so give me a ring or email if you are thinking of coming this way.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pinky Murphys Cafe, Fowey.

I have to tell you about this cafe. It is wonderful. It is different, quirky, a one off. We visited today when on a visit to Fowey on a wet Tuesday at the beginning of March. It was pleasantly busy, it has comfy chairs, wonderful food, originally presented, great atmosphere, something different to look at in all directions, books to read, puzzles to do, perfect. And great for vegetarians. We had a vegetarian platter. And it was just that. It came on a wooden platter, with a selection of dips and sauces and fresh bread and delicious salad. It was magical. We went back for tea and that was fantastic too, again beautifully presented, I won't say more or it will spoil the surprises if you get there. I think it was well used by local people, always a good sign, but we did not feel like intruders. And it is friendly, arty, there is great music playing, and there is a full size sculpture of a man relaxing outside to see in the summer! I hope to go back, soon!